Your plan to achieve your golf goals

Do you feel like you've hit a wall with your golf? And you're overwhelmed by ALL the things you could be working on in your game?

My Practice Plan is for you.

Inside, I'll help you identify where you're leaking shots when you play, keep your goals on track with a plan you'll stick to and make progress with drills and challenges for your practice and play, by guiding you through the approach that helped me cut my handicap from 34 to 9 in a year.

What's inside?

This is what you'll achieve with my Practice Plan

Identify the biggest areas for improvement in your game

Spot where you’re leaking shots and confidence on the golf course – with easy to make notes – so you can focus your practice on the part of your game that's going to shave those shots off.

Keep your goals on track with a plan you'll stick to

Build out a weekly plan for your practice, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by ALL the things and instead know exactly what you're working on and how.

Make progress with drills and challenges for every area of your game

Pick from 15 Performance Drills and Course Challenges that cover every area of your game, so you can bring a new level of focus to your practice sessions and track your progress when you play.

What Practice Planners are saying

  • Wow, what a great approach!

    "As a beginner golfer, I’m excited to have a system to follow because I’ve struggled with knowing where to focus my efforts and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by feeling like I need to improve ALL areas of my game and then I don’t focus anywhere. That’s why I love the Practice Plan – it’s helping me to keep track of my progress each week and given me the drills to follow, so I know what to work on rather than get lost in the online information overload."


  • Thank you, Jess!

    "I’ve been stuck at a 17 handicap but now I’ve actually got a plan to improve. I’m practising more and analysing each game, picking out my low hanging fruit, so I can lower my score. You’ve given me the biggest incentive to lower my handicap than any coach I’ve had!"


  • The Practice Plan is excellent

    "This is just what I needed to get organized and improve for the upcoming season. Often, I feel overwhelmed with all the areas I need to work on for my game. The Practice Plan will really keep my goals on track."


Get your plan to achieve your golf goals


Is the Practice Plan available globally?

Yes, it's global! You'll receive your Practice Plan as a digital download, so you can be anywhere in the world!

When you say "data-driven", do I need to be a data-nerd to know how to track my data when I play?

Not at all! When I say data, I'm simply meaning notes on a scorecard that help you to remember where you lost shots on that hole. For example, 65 yard pitch went long or 20ft putt really short. That way, you can use that data to decide what you're going to focus on in your practice, like pitching or putting (to build on those examples).

I'm working with a golf coach, will this clash with that?

No at all! I'm not a golf coach, so the Practice Plan does not touch on any technical changes to your golf swing. My hope is it will compliment the work you're doing with your golf coach and provide a focus for your practice in between your lessons with your coach.

I'm not able to practice weekly, will the plan still help me?

Yes! I've focused the Practice Plan on a weekly cycle of practice, aiming for 2 - 3 sessions per week but that doesn't mean you can't adapt the number of sessions you can do per week or even make it per month.