Make the progress you've been seeking for so long

Does it feel like you've hit a wall with your golf that you're struggling to breakthrough? And it's even more frustrating because you're putting the time into your practice but it's not creating the progress you're craving. My Practice Plan is for you.

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Practice Plan

Practice Plan

Follow the step-by-step approach that helped me go from beginner to single figure golfer in a year – with practice drills and challenges for every area of your game.

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Step 1: Data

Start gathering your data – easy to make notes while you're playing – to identify where you’re leaking shots and confidence on the golf course, so you can focus your practice on the part of your game that's going to have the biggest impact on your scores.

Step 2: Decide

Set your goal for your practice this week and make a plan you'll want to stick to, so you know exactly what you're making progress with and why – instead of feeling overwhelmed by ALL the things you could be working on.

Step 3: Do

Pick the Performance Drills and Course Challenges you're going to follow in your practice and play this week, so you can bring a new level of focus to every practice session and track your progress when you play.